Selected by the VILLAGE VOICE as one of their Top 40 Picks from the Tribeca Film Festival.
One of the three most essential [avant-garde] films this year [at the Tribeca Film Festival.]

- Nathan Lee, THE NEW YORK SUN, April 15-17, 2005

Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take 2 ‡, hew[s its] own course and reaffirm[s] the too-often forgotten point that authentic independent cinema is independent in vision, not just in financing.

- Manohla Dargis, THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 27, 2005

At a time when it's increasingly easy to be cynical about the state of film culture in America, it's no small thing to see a handful of twenty something film buffs emerging from a screening of Take 2 ‡ , their eyes shot wide open, their sense of what movies can be forever enlarged - the way one imagines Soderbergh and Buscemi reacted when they first saw Take One.

Extraordinarily bold, undiluted vision Ö A uniquely exhilarating movie.

- Scott Foundas, LA WEEKLY, February 4- 10, 2005

Most debated film of the Frontier section [of the 2005 Sundance Film Festival]

- Todd McCarthy, VARIETY, January 30, 2005

It's actually, I think, the best movie about acting I've ever seen.

- John Powers, Fresh Air, NPR, January 31, 2005

Provokes us to ask questions about the deployment of power in the filmmaking process and its relationship to power and hierarchies in the worldÖ admirable and haunting.

- Amy Taubin, FILM COMMENT, March/April, 2005

[A] beautiful poetic film.

- Jerome Cornette, LIBERATION (France), February 2, 2005

Listen to William Greaves, Steven Soderbergh and Steve Buscemi talk about Symbiopsychotaxiplasm on NPR's All Things Considered with Pat Dowell (air date: January 23, 2005.) 
William Greaves talks with NPR's Tony Cox about the revival of Symbiopsychotaxiplasm (air date: January 26, 2005.)

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