Black Power in America: Myth…or Reality?

Using documentary footage and in-depth interviews, Black Power in America: Myth…or Reality? (1986, 58 mins.) examines how the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s changed the Black community and the rest of American society. The film profiles a group of successful African Americans working in professions not traditionally associated with black leadership, and takes a candid look at some of the problems facing the African American community.

Black Power in America: Myth…or Reality? features interviews with Franklin Thomas, head of the Ford Foundation; June Jackson Christmas, psychiatrist; Clifton Wharton, chancellor of the SUNY system; Charles Hamilton, political scientist; Richard Hatcher, mayor of Gary, Indiana; Eleanor Holmes Norton, Congresswoman for the District of Columbia; and Lerone Bennett Jr., scholar and social historian.

Jesse Jackson
Flo Kennedy

Barbara Skinner

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