About DSL Licensing

Thank you for supporting the films of William Greaves.

A digital site license from William Greaves Productions, Inc. allows for all university affiliates (affiliates defined as current students, staff, and faculty) to view the film individually or in a group-setting without limitation on audience size or venue type. Screenings must be for non-paying audiences in a non-commercial fashion.

Licenses are for the life of the file/in perpetuity.
When purchasing a DSL, you will get a file as well as a complimentary DVD.

To read and download the license, click here.

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We offer institutional buyers a free online preview of the film.
Please send your request for a preview via our Contact page.
We will send you a promo code link to watch the film on Vimeo.
Please be advised: the link has a 72 hour viewing limit.

The following films can be licensed at the price shown for each group.
To license films that are featured on our website but aren’t in the list below, please refer back to the Purchase page.

Booker T. Washington: The Life and The Legacy
Frederick Douglass: An American Life
From These Roots
Just Doin’ It
Space for Women

Black Power in America: Myth…or Reality?
The First World Festival of Negro Arts
In the Company of Men
Voice of La Raza

Still a Brother: Inside the Negro Middle Class